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You heard me folks, I've got to start all over again, (I'm pissed off at the sponsored accounts) I'll put a tag on here to link you all to my new journal.

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give your mummy an extra neck squeeze and an extra smooch or two! you gotsta remember that you did pass though a hole the size of a dime when they were giving birth to you, except for me, I'm a C-section baby! 

Now, I need to sleep!

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I ask for one simple thing, your opinion. And I don't get it. 

I wanted your freaking input on a freaking painting that is no freaking good, and I don't even have the effing courtiousy to get it! God, I freaking respect your opinions, and I value our friendship. 

And you toss it out the window.

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Well, I have a new found and renewed determination to become a teacher. I CAN do so much better. I just have to try at it more. And I will, I will devote my self to my studies! (( And watch this statement blow up in my face several months from now)) I plan on becoming a teacher and nothing will stop me! 

So, after today (Dad found out about my grades. Man I think I may have to pay rent) Other than that, my day was uneventful besides the fact that I had to work. Yay, work. Again, it never ceases to amaze me how mean spirited people can be. I mean, I was paired with a girl who is (in all honesty) kinda slow. So we were chatting while I was checking some one out, ( you know with the scanner, come on people, he was old! ) and he got all huffy, and was like, can we speed up the process, I'm in a hurry. For Christ sake, I'm working with a person who is a little slower by normal standards, take that into account! Stupid Wanker.

So any way, I've been neglecting my Mod position lately, and I haven't been able to start on my story, SEvEN. Makes me sad that I haden't been able to start it, I mean, I'm broke on the idea machine. My Muse has left me. 

Oh, speaking about muses, my Painting is done for under paint, I'm adding detail and stuff like that soon. I 've got to come up with a good sea green color. 

On the Bobby front, right now we are keeping our Relationship/Friendship to the Online thing about once a day. And that's fine with me. I'm waiting until we can really hang out and then lets get the party started! 

Speeking of partying, I've made me a CD of Summer music filled with Country Music. I think there are only 2 Rock tracks on there and they are Jessie's Girl by Frickin' A, and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard and that is Classic Rock/ New Type Country. Lol. I'm getting down to the roots this summer. I doubt you'll see me with out the Cowboy hat this summer. Oh that Reminds me,  Make new hat thing. The Harly one Came off. Bah. I think it melted. Lol. 

Well I think this is it for tonight. Shopping Spree Tomorrow! 

Later Days

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Well well well, look at me, I failed every class I took this year at school. I'm on Acedemic Warning, and I've probolly lost my tutition and my lottery funding. I've probolly lost my insurance discount. Sigh, at least I've got at least 3 of 13 credits.

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Today when I woke up, I felt like returning to my roots. So, I wore my cowboy hat all day today, plus it kept the hair from out of my eyes. Tomorrow I've desided to take pictures of myself with mom's camera. funny stuff huh? But I've got to give you an updated picture with my hair! I did a lot of cleaning today. Mopped, Dusted, Windexed, Washed and Dryed clothes. But I started on my painting today, and that's all that matters.

Later Days.

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I'm glad I got all that out yesterday. I feel much much better. I might be because of what Bobby wrote me:

kasey, i love you so much, i mean you are my best friend in the whole wide world, just stop talking crazy ok, you are not a lonely monster, you don't have to build walls up around you're heart, just because we aren't lovers any more doesn't mean that you have a shitty life now and that you should be any different of a person, i believe in you, just don't go back to the old kasey, i love the new, grown up, strong, and loving and improved kasey, you've become so much better, don't give up on that now, i'm still here kasey, don't worry i'm not going anywhere, i'm gonna be here forever and i'm gonna be by your side, ok so don't you go ahead and give up now, you've gone way too far to give up now, it's just like you told me about the smoking thing, if i start again now then all that trying would pretty much be pointless and all that time would be lost, this is just like that for you, if you go ahead and give up now on everything, than pretty much the whole 6 months we were dating would be pointless, cuz you spent so much time growing up and loving that if you gave up now you'd pretty much give up on love and you should never do that, so listen to me and listen to me good, do not give up hope, you're aren't alone, stay positive and get out and explore and see what life has to offer, work some more so that you can have money to splurge and have fun and talk to some girls from work or whatever so that you can hang out and go have fun, you can still have fun kasey, i promise you, you'll be okay, trust me, if you need help i'm here for you, always and forever.

-Your best friend


Thank you lord for the wonderful friend you've given me

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well, me and bobby are over. but we have the most amazing friendship in the world. i will never forget all the good times we had and the wonderful experiances that i've enjoyed.

so this goes to bobby.

thank you for everything, and showing me that love does exist, you gave me hope, you made me smile, you made me laugh, and you made me cry. your wonderful and i love you for it.

later days

kasey out

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my relationship with bobby is on pause. yeah, he needed some space to decide if i'm what he really wants. le sigh.

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April 27, 2006
2:12 am
[[ wtf am i doing up at 2:12 in the morning ]]

Well, bobby's out of commission for a while. a damn boat ran over his foot. so yeah, my boyfriend has a sprained foot. i just hope he can make it to the hawthorn heights show.

later days.

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