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Well, I have a new found and renewed determination to become a teacher. I CAN do so much better. I just have to try at it more. And I will, I will devote my self to my studies! (( And watch this statement blow up in my face several months from now)) I plan on becoming a teacher and nothing will stop me! 

So, after today (Dad found out about my grades. Man I think I may have to pay rent) Other than that, my day was uneventful besides the fact that I had to work. Yay, work. Again, it never ceases to amaze me how mean spirited people can be. I mean, I was paired with a girl who is (in all honesty) kinda slow. So we were chatting while I was checking some one out, ( you know with the scanner, come on people, he was old! ) and he got all huffy, and was like, can we speed up the process, I'm in a hurry. For Christ sake, I'm working with a person who is a little slower by normal standards, take that into account! Stupid Wanker.

So any way, I've been neglecting my Mod position lately, and I haven't been able to start on my story, SEvEN. Makes me sad that I haden't been able to start it, I mean, I'm broke on the idea machine. My Muse has left me. 

Oh, speaking about muses, my Painting is done for under paint, I'm adding detail and stuff like that soon. I 've got to come up with a good sea green color. 

On the Bobby front, right now we are keeping our Relationship/Friendship to the Online thing about once a day. And that's fine with me. I'm waiting until we can really hang out and then lets get the party started! 

Speeking of partying, I've made me a CD of Summer music filled with Country Music. I think there are only 2 Rock tracks on there and they are Jessie's Girl by Frickin' A, and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard and that is Classic Rock/ New Type Country. Lol. I'm getting down to the roots this summer. I doubt you'll see me with out the Cowboy hat this summer. Oh that Reminds me,  Make new hat thing. The Harly one Came off. Bah. I think it melted. Lol. 

Well I think this is it for tonight. Shopping Spree Tomorrow! 

Later Days

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