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April 26, 2006
12:53 pm 
[[ what i know, i know. what i don't, i don't. what i don't remember, well then, i'm screwed. ]]

well as of this moment, i'm halfway done with my exams. i took my prob and statisitcs yesterday, my history today, and i will be taking my spanish in just an hour, and my english one tomorrow. 

[[ lord i pray to you in my time of need. help me remember the forign and native tounge]]


as in update in what's happened: 

i went to see silent hill this past saturday. and i can't stop taling about it. it was so fricking good. i loved the monsters, the nurses, the janitor, the armless thing. i loved the way all the monsters jerked. lol, I've been sleeping with the light on lately because of it. :) i love a good horror flick that will do that to you. 

um, i'm going to voulenteer at my aunt's school, to get the feel for teaching and to see if i want to do it or not. if not, i will highly consider joining the police force. 

worked past sunday and tuesday. sunday was the work day from hell. i mean. i had the most rudest person come through my line at the pig. what happened was that he asked me for some ciggarettes so i went to get him, and he followed me to the counter were they were located behind. He asked how much a carton of newports were, and i polietly told him 31.99. after saying this he retorted back with the usual, i can get them cheaper else where, and demanded why the price was so high. i told him i couldn't answer him, but luckily erin in the office came to my rescue. she told him that that was the price the company warehouse gave us and that was what we had to go by. so the man dicided to get a pack of cigerates instead, so i walked back to my register with the pack. i started to ring up his order, and  he then proceded to tell me that he wanted the carton again, so i stopped what i was doing and walked back to the counter to get the man a carton and then the asshole told me that he wanted the pack. so i walk back to the registar and finish the order. i told the man his total, 8. ~, he gave me a 100.00 dollar bill and i gave him his change of 92.29. well, i always give back coin change first, and the 29 cents fell out of my hand and on to the counter. the man probally thought that i threw the change at him, because of this, after i gave him his paper change, he shoved his coinage at me, and walked off, taking roughly around 4 steps, turning around, demanding his change. i couldn't believe it, the man had some nerve. so i picked up his change, 29 cents, mind you, and he see an extra penny lying on the counter. he demands that he gets that penny too. i calmly tell him that it wasn't his penny and it was someone else's change from previously that day, and he has the audasity to tell me that it fell out of his pocket. so of course i have to give it to him.  and he walks out. i was not in a happy mood for the rest of the night. 


well that's all with what's been up lately and i'm going to go,

later days

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April 22, 2006
4:54 pm
(( good grief Charlie Brown ))

So, today I had a grand officer's rehersal with rainbow. I did (woah, mom just walked out in her underwear) [[ anyways ]] I did such a good job! 

On a different note, why don't I get comments on my blog? That makes me sad.

Later days

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April 20th
11:46 pm
(* isn't it national get high day? *)

So today's been okay so far. I woke up from a wonderful dream, except for the fact that I was hurt in the beginning of the dream. Bobby put together an aquarium for me while I was in the hospital, and the fish didn't like each other so they were killing themselves, and there was a stingray in there too, and it tried to destroy my aquarium. Damn Stingray. 

Any way, the dream made me realize that I miss having fish, and that I'd like to start a new aquarium, 25-30 gals. and some salt water tropicals would be very nice. 

So that would be a new hobby for me. Bobby and I have been talking and we just don't have personal hobbies that we should have, and we don't have anything in common really, besides our relationship. So, Bobby is working on putting a band together, and I am planning on doing two things, this aquarium and scrapbooking. I think the latter would be very fun and make me feel very accoplished, the former making me feel relaxed and happy for being able to take care of living things.

Even though I want a pet kitty, I think.

Okay moving on. Aside from my dream my days been okay. Get up, eat, get dressed. I got Gas today. It cost me 30 something Dollars. But it fillied my tank up. :) 

Which brings me to the reason my topic title is named that. I get to school to come to find out that my English Professor isn't attending today because her child is sick. I mean, I'm not being mean about it, but why did her daughter have to get sick today of all days? I mean come on! Today is the Review date for my final exam! I need this day for review!!!! DAMN IT! 

Plus I had a hard enough time finding parking. 

God, It's 11:58. I still have about an hour till my next class starts. An Hour on this computer in the Computer lab at Trident Tech. Oh woe is me! WRONG!! But this chair is a pain in my ass. Literally. 

Man, I really don't know what else to write. Oh well... 

Later Days.

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 I.... wow....

I can't believe it actually, I've wanted this since I joined the Ronin Lounge, and then later joined the Bent Lounge. I've always wanted to become a moderator. 

Now I am! 

With the Bent Lounge closing due to Bender's innablity to continue running the Lounge. After the hard work of Firestorm, France and myself, Sanctuary was born, and I was made a moderator for helping!!!! YAY!!!!!

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April 12 2006
1:47 am

squee. actually, I'm tired not hyper. but anyway, it's spring break (at least for 3 days)  and I'm happy. Just thought you should know!

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Well, I'm happy.

Bobby's talked to his mom about proposing to me. Cool huh? But he's going to wait until after Christmas to do it.

He's also thought of names for our future kids (lol, so much pre-planing.. [personally not planning on kids until I'm 26ish.]) and they are:

Dallas Ryan


Sydney Mae

Cute ne?

but any ways. God I love that kid!

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I've thought long and hard on this. 

I'm ready. 

I'm ready to be with him, this is my life, I'm ready to start it with him. This is where I'm supposed to be, with him, in his arms, it's where I belong. 

I'm ready.

I'm comforted by his presence, feel at home in his arms.

It's ment to be. 

I'm ready to take what risk is nessisary, I trust him with my life. 

I'm ready for the next step.

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1 April 2006
2:48 pm

If it makes anyone happy to know, I'm so many things right now. I'm tired, I'm upset, I'm pissed, and I'm cranky. I'm tired cause I worked the BBQ at the lodge. 

I'm upset and pissed at Bobby. I can't believe him for the life of me. Why would he go out and do a stupid thing like that! Especially getting high on the the job. Is he fricking loco? I hate it when he does shit like this, cause it makes me worried, and more then anything it dissapoints me cause he was going on three months strong with out smoking or getting high, and now look. He goes off and messes that up. 

And I'm cranky cause no one listens to me at the BBQ. Plus, I have to go to work.

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<td align="center"> Kasey --

A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Autobots moblize!

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31 March 2006 
12:45 am

WELL, the week from hell is over, much to my relief and to my boyfriend's benifit. ( lol, not in that way, I'm still a virgin but still, lol) Yeah, my monthly friend is come and gone and it's taken her lovely friend "canker sores" too. Well in all actuallity, I'm still in healing of the mouth. ( I swear to God that I've got cuts in my thought. )

Anywho, on to more things.

My job at Mr. K's Piggy Wiggy, isn't working out to my benifit. I mean, they treat me nicely and jazz, but since I work only like seven hours out of the week, and I only get paid six dollars an hour, it's not enough to pay my bills and get gas, and have money for spending. So I applied for a job at CATO's where Momma Brehaut works. Hopefully, I get this job and by this summertime, I'm in a management position. Upldate: Ms. Lisa's boss called and it looked like I didn't pass... :( At least Rikki called in and needed me to work for her so that gives me 2 days this week, and 14 hours so I get roughly around $78 this week. I've got to ask for more hours. 

This weekend is the Flowertown Festival, and that means that the Mason's are holding their annual BBQ aka Smoke at the Lodge. There will be food ( yummy ) drinks ( yay! ) and fun! The Rainbow girls will be helping out since the Mason's donate a bunch of money to us to help us go to Grand Assembly. So on Friday and Saturday, we'll be either selling stuff or serving BBQ dinners to the public. The only thing that irks me off about this is Brittany, who is our Worthy Advisor, will not be there due to personal issues. (Oh to hell with this, She doesn't even read this anyways) The girl is going off to FUCKING MYRTLE BEACH cause her life is so FUCKING STRESSFUL! What the hell? Her parents are going through a divorce? So what? That's her parent's business. And she says school is crazy. Bull fucking shit. Now I can understand that if you have work, then you are going to miss the BBQ, like Heather, and I'm going to leave early cause I need to get to work by 4. 

I'm not mad. I'm thoughly upset, dissapointed and fucking pissed. I need sleep.

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